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Internationally collected artist Jane Goren has spent much of her career retrofitting memories into vintage windows found in and around Telluride Colorado. The idea of repurposing architecturally inspiring windows and using them as framed canvases to capture fleeting moments in time is a unique technique perfected by the artist since 1993. Goren paints in reverse directly onto the back of the glass with acrylic enamel and the glass itself serves as a glossy varnish. 

When she is not painting, Jane is the life of the party she has made of life. Now she invites you to peer into her windows, visit with the “Painted Ladies” and join the party.  Her belief that you can’t have too much fun while in Telluride will charm you into venturing into her colorfully captivating world. "Some artists, through their work, try to find the meaning of life", says Jane. "I just want to keep it going!"
We invite you to take a piece of Telluride home with you.  All of Jane Goren’s windows can be seen at La Marmotte Restaurant and the Camel’s Garden Hotel and are for sale.

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